29/05/2024 - Unregister by administrator

When an administrator unregisters someone, the credit card payment refund is optional

25/05/2024 - Multiday discount

Multiday discounts can be defined differently for each pricing period

21/04/2024 - Member accounts

Support for member accounts where the club (with finance rights) can debit/credit transactions and registrations are debited (when invoice to club payment mode is selected)

13/04/2024 - Serie challenge

Correction of a wrong challenge points calculation when someone has multiple results

07/04/2024 - News image

Image of a news is now floated and limited to 400 pixels max width and height

06/04/2024 - Webres compare and carpool map

Improved display of markers on carpool map
Enable registering a member in a webres compare for a non-member

03/04/2024 - Cancel/delete event

Two distinct actions to cancel and delete an event

16/03/2024 - Carsharing

Better visibility for carsharing

22/02/2024 - Multi-days

Allow switching to multi-days when registrations already exist

22/02/2024 - Email templates

Improved email templates

30/01/2024 - Openstreetmap

Switch to Openstreetmap for map tiles, to avoid the rocketing costs of Mapbox
Navigation and Geocoding remain with Mapbox free tier

20/01/2024 - Multi-day events

Events can now be multi-day.
At registration time, stages can be selected.
There can be a discount (adults-children) for all-stages registrations.
Helga support through the XML Export

06/01/2024 - Download all registrations, auto team name

In Member administration, download all your members' registrations of a given year
Team registration : option to not ask for a team name (automatic generation)

29/12/2023 - Credit card for members

Members, as guests do, can now be asked to pay with a credit card.
The organization must register a Stripe account to allow it

17/12/2023 - Reduced costs

Define extra registration deadlines with reduced costs

02/12/2023 - Medical attest warning

Organizations can be switched to warn members when medical attests are missing

24/09/2023 - Email and Member comments

Confirmation email for guest users : when team registration, team name is now included
New attribute on Member : comments, editable by admin

3/09/2023 - Price schemes

Refactoring of the price scheme model.
Most of events can simply enter the costs for adults/children.
Registration schemes that have different costs per category can still use the complex model.

24/05/2023 - Housenumber

Addresses now have a house number, fetched from Mapbox response.

01/03/2023 - Selection/All is saved

The Selection/All event list display mode is remembered.

15/02/2023 - Event description editor and bugfixes

Event description has now its editor

04/01/2023 - Serie challenge

Eligible courses and points details in serie challenge

03/01/2023 - Serie challenge

Improve page layout of serie challenge

31/12/2022 - LuxOC code export

XML Export for Helga includes the person's LuxOC code.

28/12/2022 - Email optout

Option to opt out of email communications (from organisators and club)

27/12/2022 - Helga Webres compare

Improvements to the Helga Webres compare import.
Delete all in absent Helga Webres compare

23/12/2022 - Member export and carpool badges

Club name added to members export.
Indicator badges on event carpool section.

20/12/2022 - Events : calendar

Display list of events as a calendar.

17/12/2022 - Members : import CSV

Import list of members with a CSV file.
Various bugfixes.

08/11/2022 - Event list

Revised default listing of events.
Various bugfixes.

02/10/2022 - Event location

The location of events is no longer defaulted to the organizer's address.
An event is created with no location, the location has to be explicitly set in the event administration.
Location map and route is not shown when the event has no location.
The event will not appear on the global event map.

29/09/2022 - Export invoice details in spreadsheet

Compare registrations with Helga Webres results :add or remove missing registrations conveniently.

18/09/2022 - Export invoice details in spreadsheet

Export the details of invoices in a spreadsheet, for each invoice or globally for the event

18/09/2022 - Delete registration on Helga Webres compare

Compare registrations with Helga Webres results : delete registrations.

17/09/2022 - Extended event filtering and Helga Webres compare

Events can be filtered on organization, level and date
Compare registrations with Helga Webres results. Later, add or remove missing registrations conveniently.

11/09/2022 - Change organization of guest registration

Change the country and organization of someone registered as guest

09/09/2022 - Member administration: promote limited member

Promote limited member to affiliated member.

07/09/2022 - Extra address data, phone number edition, tags

Extra address data can be manually entered.
Member can edit his phone number
List of tags now displayed in admin/members list

06/06/2022 - Event administration : change level

Update event level in administration.

05/06/2022 - Serie Results Import from Helga Webres

Serie results can be imported directly from Helga Webres, when registrations have been imported from Opunch to Helga.

01/05/2022 - Team sequence

Runners may now edit the start sequence of their team.

24/04/2022 - Member tags and bugfixes

Support for tags on members, varying per organization.

22/04/2022 - Series and challenges

Define a challenge linked to a serie, import IOF XML results
View all serie events on a single page with overall challenge results.

26/03/2022 - Disaffiliate-reaffiliate members. Download

Organization members can be disaffiliated and reaffiliated.
Download members exports all members of child organizations when context is a parent organization (ABSO/BVOS, FRSO/OV, etc).

13/03/2022 - Phone number and membership date

Support for phone number and membership date in member administration.

07/03/2022 - Extended guest payment options

Guest payment can be set to none, bank, credit card or bank/credit card with custom message.

04/02/2022 - Postcode

Address now includes postcode, parsed from Mapbox response

29/01/2022 - VVO nummer

Support for organization's second code. There are : Organization Number and Code.
At OV, Organization Number holds the BVOS number and Code holds the VVO nummer.

29/01/2022 - Download members

Members administrator can download members in a spreadsheet

21/01/2022 - Addresses and privacy notice

Save house number received from Mapbox
Manage address in member administration
New page to document the use of personal data

07/01/2022 - Price scheme info and rent Sportident Air+ option

More info on all price scheme options in the event administration
On or off Sportident Air+ renting

06/01/2022 - Registration scheme info

More info on all registration scheme options in the event administration

30/12/2021 - Team registration

Support for team registration, with Helga integration.

21/12/2021 - Invoice text

Text can be added to invoices. Defined in System menu.

19/12/2021 - Event provisioning

Event provisioning to Wordpress

18/12/2021 - Member administration

Distinct create and update authorizations based on hierarchy

11/12/2021 - Member administration

Import existing member
Change member organization

28/11/2021 - Matricule and IOF ID

Support for member matricule and IOF ID

17/11/2021 - Drive document types

More document types are allowed in Drive : doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ods and odt

07/11/2021 - Guest nationality, API Key, invoice contact email and bugfixes

Guests can enter their nationality
System menu to get API Key (to be used in Helga)
Organization contact email on invoices
Various bugfixes

09/10/2021 - Nationality

Support for member nationality

02/10/2021 - Member administration, IOF export, localized dates

Organizations can create members and no longer rely on external imports
Each organization has an API key that allows the call to an API to retrieve the list of members as IOF XML. Used in Helga.
Dates are now correctly localized in emails

30/05/2021 - Payments

Add a manual payment linked to a registration

29/05/2021 - Payments

New administration right : finance
Extension of payments. Stripe or manual payments
Invoices show due - payments = balance

22/05/2021 - Hierarchy lock and price schemes

Some organizations are locked in a hierarchy level, members may not access events our of their hierarchy level. Used for Équipes FRSO - Be Arrows.
Price schemes and fixed price are now editable when registrations exist. The prices are recalculated.

18/05/2021 - Invoices

PDF invoice for each organization

13/05/2021 - Improved print layout of event, invoicing

When an event is printed, sections that are not relevant to print are now hidden
New admin tab: invoicing, with info on amounts and registrations

08/05/2021 - Cancelled events, bugfixes, layout changes

Cancelled events can be filtered out from the lists

04/05/2021 - Event logo, bugfixes, layout changes

Add a logo to your event
Club logo shown on more pages.

01/05/2021 - Payments, map and route, bugfixes, layout changes

Ask non-members to pay for their registration. Requires a Stripe account.
Event location map and route is now displayed on demand (expandable) to reduce Mapbox fees.
Some layout changes in various views.

07/04/2021 - Event administration pagination

List of events in Event Administration has pagination

06/04/2021 - Club filter, limited members, copy custom url and bugfixes

Possibility to filter the events list on own club only.
Clubs can create limited members who may register to local club events only.
In event administration, shortcut to copy the full custom url.

14/03/2021 - Email editor

Email editor has formatting features (uses Trumbowyg). HTMLPurifier in the backend. Not bulletproof but a good balance between convenience and security.

11/03/2021 - Default event view

Official or All, the event default view is defined at organization (club) level.

06/03/2021 - Duplicate event

Admins can duplicate an event, provided that its level is in their scope of authorization.
Organizations can opt for their club emails to be sent to all addresses linked to a member profile, not only the mailing address.

11/02/2021 - New default page

The default page is now the events menu, there is no homepage anymore

08/02/2021 - Message groups

Club emails can now selectively target child organizations when created by someone from a higher organization

30/01/2021 - Message attachment

Club emails can now contain a file attachment, picked from the Drive

24/01/2021 - Drive, bugfixes and max file sizes

Each organization can publish files in a "Drive".
The files in the Drive are available to anyone from the organization (or from child organizations). And only to them.
Bugfixes on file upload.
Max size is now 5Mb for Drive files and medical attests and 1Mb for all others (event documents and images).

16/01/2021 - Improve admin registration and default SI

Level 2, 3 or 4 members can be registered when their organization allows it.
When creating an event, the card type is defaulted to Sportident, if available

27/12/2020 - Export contains info about who/when registered

The download of registrations contains the name of the person who registered, the date and whether it was done after the event by one of the person's club admins

25/12/2020 - Create event with an organization of a higher level

Admins of higher level (FRSO/OV or ABSO/BVOS) can now create an event attached to an organization of a higher level (FRSO/OV or ABSO/BVOS).

18/12/2020 - Redirect to non-admin

When the event administration page is requested and the user has no administration rights, he is redirected to the standard page of the event.

12/12/2020 - Default Events view

In non-public area, the Events page shows by default All events instead of Official events.
The purpose is to incite cross-federation participations

06/12/2020 - Club admins may register club members after event has ended

For various reasons, there is a need for the club admins to be able to register new entries for their club after the event has ended (and to be able to remove/edit those).
When the event has not ended, yet, and the entries are closed, this new capability is still not permitted, to not interfere with the organizer's administration of the competition.
Organizers may still edit all registrations anytime.

05/12/2020 - Long events excluded from webcal

Exclude events longer than 5 days from the webcal exports, both all and member-specific